Delicious cherries from

the edge of the Wilderness...



Welcome to our website, our orchard is located 65 kilometres west of Hobart in the upper Derwent Valley, at 6590 Lyell Highway, Ouse, approximately 11.5 kilometres west of Hamilton.

Our trees are are pruned using the KGB (Kym Green Bush) method (similar to the Spanish Bush), which helps bring the fruit buds lower and makes picking easier. Our fruit are mainly sold on the export market, so we require a very high standard and quality of the fruit grown and picked.   We hydro-cool our fruit down to 3-4 degrees celsius, it is then packed into a large refrigeration unit and then trucked to the Huon Valley where it is packed and sold.

Our picking season usually starts during the last week of December or the first week of January and continues for approximately 3 weeks depending upon the weather.

If you are a traveller from overseas on a Working Holiday Visa, you must also have a tax file number, an  Australian bank account and a superannuation account (a lot of banks offer this service if you ask when you open your bank account)